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3 Myths About Seasoned Firewood

3 Myths About Seasoned Firewood
  1. Wet Wood and Unseasoned (Green) Wood are the same thing.  Unseasoned, or Green, wood is fresh wood from a living tree.  Its cells have not all died and still contain living moisture and sap.  Seasoned wood that got wet is different.  It acts as a sponge and absorbs moisture from the air, but with proper air circulation its able to dry out much faster than Green wood would be able to (days vs. months).
  2. All moisture in firewood is bad.  A small amount of moisture in firewood is actually essential to a good fire.  When wood is being burned, the moisture will boil creating more heat.
  3. The longer it’s seasoned the better.  Wood that has been sitting too long will give off very little heat, a poor flame and burn out quickly.  If it wasn’t stored with proper air flow it may also contain large amounts of mold, mildew and insects.
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12/29/2020 5:07 AM
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