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5 Most Common Types Of Firewood In Illinois

5 Most Common Types Of Firewood In Illinois

Often you’ll find firewood companies will sell face cords of varieties like Oak, Hickory, Birch or Cherry by themselves, while each of the other varieties are put together and called Mixed Hardwood.

Mixed hardwood will consist of Ash, Elm, hard Maple and any other hardwoods that come in from local tree work.  This blend will be easier to start and will result in a larger flame, but it will also burn fairly quickly.

Oak is going to be harder to start, have a smaller flame, and it will burn hotter and longer.  This is recommended for people who want their fire to produce the most heat.

Cherry is easier to start than Oak, has a nice sized flame.  People often say it has a better smell when burning and crackles.  It is more apt to throw small burning embers then some other varieties. 

Hickory is generally used for smoking foods more often than in the fireplace.

Campfire wood is made up of soft woods meant for outdoor burning only.  This should not be used in an indoor fire place as it will create a buildup of creosote which can cause damage to your chimney and/or chimney fires.  

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