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4 Things To Avoid When Ordering Firewood

4 Things To Avoid When Ordering Firewood

Here are 4 things to avoid when ordering firewood.  Remember:  face cord dimensions are 4’H x 8’W x 16” deep.  A full cord is 3 face cords equaling 4’H x 8’W x 4’ deep.  If someone tries to give you different dimensions or do any of the following then it’s time to find another company to work with.   

PIECE COUNTING – The exact size of every firewood log is different so selling wood by the number of logs is an inconsistent unit of measurement.  Generally, companies who sell by the number of pieces will use smaller logs to fill that order resulting in less than a face cord.

CROSS STACKING – The large gaps left between the logs when cross stacked creates the correct measurement, but the customer is severely shorted in their actual face cord dimensions.  Companies who offer cross stacking may tell their customer they do this as it creates better air flow to keep wood dry.  Although this can help with air flow, the cross stacked dimensions should result in a stack that is well over 4’ H x 8’W.

POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE – Let’s face it, accidents happen.  It’s important to know that if something goes wrong the company you’ve chosen to work with will handle the issue. 

SHIPPING LOGS IN – Purchasing your wood from a company that uses local wood rather than shipping logs in from other areas has two big benefits.  First, local wood means that local tree companies are working.  That’s a good thing for your local economy.  And second, you don’t have to worry about pests or diseases from other areas being brought to your neighborhood.  

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