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Bagged vs. Bulk Mulch

Bagged vs. Bulk Mulch

When purchasing mulch, I’ve often had customers ask which is better – bagged or bulk.  There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing, it’s simply a matter of preference.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when deciding. 


1 cubic yard = 27 cu feet

1 yard = 13.5   2 cu’ bags


Bagged - Bagged mulch is easier to move around once you get it to your yard. 

Bulk - Bulk mulch is cheaper than bagged, and has the advantage of being dropped off in your driveway saving you trips to the store.  It usually originates locally except bark, cedar and cypress. 

Remember - Pay attention to the source your mulch is coming from.  Less reputable sources, such as bagged mulch found in gas stations or lesser quality bulk mulch can contain construction debris, chemicals or problem fungi like Artillery Fungus.   Local garden centers might not have a good idea of where their mulch originates so if they don’t seem sure about where their mulch comes from, look elsewhere.  

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