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Wholesale Accounts

Thank you for your interest in joining us as one of our wholesale clients.  Our mulch and firewood production began in 1993 with our retail customers.  Over the decades we've listened to what our customers want and have perfected our products based on their desires: 

All Natural Recycled Tree Debris - Environmentally Safe & Organic - Consistent Products - Competitive Pricing


ALL NATURAL RECYCLED TREE DEBRIS - Our products are made of quality wood, never containing infestations, construction debris or pallets. 

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE & ORGANIC- Our dyed mulch products are predyed with an organic powdered colorant rather than a topical spray.  This allows for full coverage and longer lasting color.   The colorants used in dyed mulch are safe for people, animals, the environment and are biodegradable. In fact, recent independent laboratory studies looked at colored mulch very closely to determine its toxicity. It was found that in contrast, baking soda and table salt have higher levels of toxicity than dyed mulch.

CONSISTENT PRODUCTS - A critical part to our success is the ability to guarantee our customers consistent products everytime.  Our wholesale clients can rest assured that the product they order will be the same each and every time.  This way their customers are able to order worry free year after year.

COMPETITIVE PRICING - We've streamlined our process and are able to offer our superior products at competitive pricing.   

For delivery and pricing information please contact us at [email protected] or 815-444-1244.